The Film

A fantasy novel film inspired by Kaunas modernist architecture and the hidden histories associated with the magical city.

Director: Aideen Barry

Stills from Folds

Stills from Folds



Klostės ( translated as Pleats or Folds)  is a Black & White non verbal film created by the People of Kaunas Lithuania together with Artist & Film-maker Aideen Barry. The film is currently in production and will debut as a part of Kaunas 2022 The European Capital of Culture. The film takes inspiration from Kaunas interwar modernism and the hidden histories associated with the magical city.

A Klostės/ Pleats is a metaphor for how time folds like fabric. It is a metaphor for how things can appear to repeat or loop. It is also an architectural trope for a repeat pattern, evident in Kaunas Interwar Modernism. Klostės is a reference to how a film constructed out of thousands and thousands of still photographs creates a visual fiction or illusion, this is is how this film is sculpted. Huge amounts of investment goes into orchestrating a series of elaborate images to create a stop-motion animation. There is also a folding of time: forgotten stories, othered voices are returned from the abyss of time and represented, they are brought back into the Fold.  Folding stories within stories, buildings within buildings like a cleverly constructed origami or pop up book. Protagonists appear out of objects, there is magic everywhere. Smoke and Mirrors are not only at play but are a part of the very direction that goes into constructing every gesture or movement. The Actors and AURA dancers who are partner collaborators in this project take this notion of folding into account in their gestures and nuanced movements. The composers and foley artists too play with time to overlay or pleat a sound one on top of the other to create rich labyrinths of audible fabric that enrich the film.

This film is a socially engaged work, in that it has been laboured and created by hundreds of individuals to construct a complex series of stories and narratives, visual art, props, performances and audio visual experiences. This army is invisible, but it has been a body of creative people who have folding this visual art and filmic poem together to create this moving image pleat.



Director: Aideen Barry

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