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Natsuho Matsumoto

Natsuho started dancing ballet when she was 5 and studied dance in Central School of Ballet in London, graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts. In 2019, after graduating Natsuho came to Kaunas in Lithuania to work at Aura Dance Theatre.


The Opera Singer

Julija Mintautė

Since 2011 Julija was learning dancing at V. Jankauskas dance theatre, in 2013 she participated in ballet and contemporary dance programme in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2015 she started studying contemporary dance and since 2016 she is a dancer/artist at Kaunas dance theater “Aura”.


The Maid

Eglė Valadkevičiūtė

Eglė holds a BA degree in Film Acting. She is currently a freelance actor and educator. Eglė had roles in the plays of Lithuanian National Drama Theater („The Undergrowth“ (2013), „This Child“ (2012), „Public Enemy“ (2011) and Klaipėda Drama Theater („The Drunken Ones“ (2014). She was the lead actress in the film „Swimmer“ (dir. G. Urbonaitė, 2013), and played roles in „Old Rifle“ (dir. J. V. Tūras, 2019), “New Zealand” (dir. M. Thief, 2014), “The Assets” (dir. T. A. Diesen).

Marius Pinigis The Devil.jpg


Marius Pinigis

Dancer and choreographer who actively takes part in the process of development of modern dance in the city of Kaunas.  In 2009 he became a dancer/artist in the Kaunas dance theater “Aura”. In 2016, together with dancers Marius Paplauskas and Andrius Stakelė he founded a dance troupe called “Nuepiko” and created several dance performances included “(G)round zero” (2016) and “Overheated” (2020). For his creative work he was awarded with a Golden Cross of the Stage.

Adrian Carlo Bibiano.jpg


Adrian Carlo Bibiano

Adrian is a dancer from the city of Akapulko, Mexico. He got interested in dancing in middle school, when attending dance lessons curated by Melissa Castillo. Led by curiosity, he experimented with various dance genres. In his college years, Adrian joined “La Quinto Danza y teatro” and later began working with the troupe “Compañía Médul”, created by Melissa Castillo. Later came to Lithuania and in 2020 joined the dance troupe “Nuepiko” and performed in the dance performance “Overheated”. 



Arūnas Mozūraitis

Arūnas specifies in House dance. In 2015 started learning dance in the London Trinity Laban Conservatoire, and became a member of the “Empire house family” dance crew. After a year, he decided to move to Sweden, where he spent 2 years in a school of Street dance. In 2020 Arūnas joined the Kaunas dance theater “Aura” and since then performed in dance performances “Infinities” (2020), “Doggy rugburns” (2020), “Imagine” (2020), “I wish to be a blossom of a fern” (2020).


A Body with no Body

Clara Giambino

Clara learned dancing in a dance academy of Nanto city, France. After the first study year got an invitation to continue her studies in a prestigious London dance academy. After a year spent in London, moved to Israel for an internship. In 2017 Clara joined the Kaunas dance theater “Aura”. In Lithuania, she is also known for her musical talent and a lithuanian song called “Širdis”, that was written based on the poem of lithuanian poet Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas.

Nuotraukos autorius - Justinas Stonkus-6


Marius Eidrigevičius

Marius started dancing when he was eight. He specialized in Hip-Hop and house dance and has been an educator in this dance field since 2011. In 2017, he studied street dance at the Åsa Folkhögskola in Sweden. Marius is currently a dancer in the Vilnius dance theater and is working as a Hip-Hop and house dance teacher at the “Low air” dance school. He frequently takes part as a judge in various hip-hop and house genre dance competitions in Lithuania and abroad. 

Nuotraukos autorius - Justinas Stonkus-1


Hubert Fabien Lagin

Hubert is a Hip-Hip dancer, originally from the Guadalupe island in the Caribbean. He spent a big part of his life working in Paris as  professional dancer in top tear dance troups, such as “Articulation“,  “Frank2Louise'', the Nathalie Billard troup and the company “Rualite''. In 2008 he came to Lithuania to take part as a judge in a dance competition and instantly fell in love with the country. He moved to live here the same year. He currently works as a dance teacher at the dance studio “Ant”. 


Antanas Žmuidzinavičius

Edgaras Žemaitis

In 2014 Edgaras received a bachelor’s diploma in acting at LMTA and has frequently made part in various theater festivals in Lithuania and abroad. He is currently working in the National Kaunas drama theater and has taken part in plays such as “Brother in The Originals” (Director G. Padegimas, 2020), “My Fairy Herbarium” (Director P. Makauskas, 2019), “Hello, Fox!” (Director E. Kižaite, 2017), “Fjorenca” (Director J. Vaitkus, 2016) and “The Beggar's Opera” (A. Kurienius, 2015).


Alen Chicco

Tomas Alenčikas

Alen Chicco is a songwriter and performance artist, known for his extravagant and controversial persona. Having musical theater and street dances backgrounds had formed a unique style, which contains powerful theatrical vocals and one of a kind looks. His music is various, usually difficult to describe and to assign to one category, which makes him stand out. He is known for pushing boundaries of what a society thinks a male pop artist should be.


George Mačiūnas

Deividas Breivė

In 2019 Deividas received a BA diploma in acting at LMTA. He works in the Nacional Kaunas drama theater and as a freelance movie actor. Most memorable performances of Deividas were in plays “The Slipped Disc” (2019), “Brother in The Originals” (2020), “An Empty Chair” (2020), “Flesh and Blood” (2020), “Electra” (2020). TV shows “Chernobyl” (Director J. Renck, 2018), “Mr. President” (Director J. Krisiūnas, 2019) and movies “I Want to Live” (Director J. Krisiūnas, 2018), “Friends forever” (Director A. Urbanavičiūtė, 2018), “Erika Kurinati” (Director P. Stankevičius, 2018), “Fortunately, I was asleep” (Director L. Tamošiūnaitė, 2018), “Lithuanian swingers” (T. Vidmantas, 2018).


Lab technician

Ema Senkuvienė

Ema has been a longtime dancer at the Kaunas dance theater “Aura”. She has been nominated for the Golden stage cross award. Now she is working as a freelance dancer and choreographer, is part of the modern dance association and is an educator at “Judesio laboratorija” and “Low air” dance school.


Pandemic ghost

Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė

Solveiga is a former dancer of the Kaunas dance theater “Aura”, who has chosen the route of a jeweler.  After an opportunity to study the craft of jewelry, she decided to go back to dancing and study in Asia. 


Basketball player

Matas Toliušis

Historian and guide


Maître d'

Justinas Stonkus

Photographer, artist who searches for various forms of artistic expression.


The Church Goer

Rūta Krasnickaitė

Fitness instructor working with the sports community of "Šešios Trim"


Basketball player

Mindaugas Šatkus

Founder of the sports community "Šešios Trim", ambassador of Kaunas 2022


Little Girl

Ema Kazulytė


Lady at the window

Algė Dereškevičiūtė

Resident of Žaliakalnis


Veronika Šleivytė

Emilija Filipenkovaitė

Art student


Beast of Kaunas

Raminta Milašiūtė

Volunteer of Kaunas 2022


Princess of Kaunas

Rugilė Aukštakalnytė

Volunteer of Kaunas 2022


Funicular monster

Maja Kriaučiūnaitė

Volunteer of Kaunas 2022


Petras Rimša

Akvilė Koženiauskaitė 

Volunteer of Kaunas 2022



Aideen Barry

Visual artist

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