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Meet the Team



Is an international visual artist based in Ireland, who explores and interprets local community, historical and cultural contexts by engaging multiple audiences and participants through social engaged collaborations. Her main interest are in ideas of the strange, intangible and interpreting "otherness". Aideen has presented her projects in multiple museums and galleries world wide and has received numerous awards for her work. She teaches at LIT in Ireland, Penn State Uni, NYU and VCU in the US.  She is a member of Aosdána and The Royal Hibernian Academy.



Video, animation and sound artist who studied Animation at Middlesex University London. He has worked with various projects, including "Lost And Found Kaunas" (short film about Kaunas modernist architecture, 2015), "Artificial" (short film by D. Petkūnaitė, 2020) and in collaboration with Kaunas 2022, Kaunas Artists’ House, Ministry of Transport and Communications and etc.


Editor & Colourist

Internationally working cinematographer and documentarist, who has graduated from the Brera Academy in Milan, Italy. Visually, interested in the experimental use of the digital and analogue cameras, taking the best from both, old and new technologies. As an author, focused on a search of her own identity as well as on women's perspective in a wider sense. Her shorts have been presented and recognized in Poland and Italy. Presently, affiliated with the Royal Holloway University of London.


Set designer

Set designer who works with various video projects. Paulina holds a BA degree in cinema and literature and MA degree in set design. She is an artist, who hosts her own exhibitions and creative workshops for children and adults.


Ugnė Marija Andrijauskaitė

Line producer

Coordinator of Modernism for the future program at Kaunas 2022. She holds a PhD of History and specialises on interwar period and social/cultural history of Lithuania. For many years Ugnė worked with Kaunas International Film Festival and is translating films, scripts and other film material for Lithuanian Film Centre, Art Box production house and other private contractors.


Dalia Narkevičiūtė


Art and architecture historian, heritage and non-formal education specialist, third generation Kaunasian who is concerned about the vanishing city of the past.


Ieva Raubytė


Ieva Raubyte is studying  music composition at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. She is known for her fluency at playing national Lithuanian instruments and drums, and piano .Raubyte studied composition at Jazz Academy in Kaunas and now experiments in sound design, electroacoustics, experimental and improvisational aspects of music. 


Lina Semaskaite

Sound Director

The Sound Director is the award winning Sound Designer, Composer  and Sound Director  Lina Semaskaite. Her Film credits  include Porno Melodrama, When Children Come Home, Through The Fields, Tricolour.


Dominyka Adomaitytė

Foley Artist

Dominyka lives in Prague where she’s a sound design student at FAMU and Foley artist at Soundsquare studio. She’s
working on live action, documentaries and animated projects. Nature plays a big part as an inspiration, helping Dominyka to create sound design rich in texture. Since she came to sound design from a music background, you can often hear a human voice used as another instrument in her projects.


Arūnas Periokas


Arūnas has experience in the field of architecture and played various music genres as a drummer in number of different bands. Currently he is focusing on individual electroacoustic projects, strongly infused by characteristic rhythms, catchy melodies, experimental soundscapes, collaborating with local musicians in creative happenings, making music for contemporary dance and performative pieces, movies and animation, experimental DIY theater performance, special sound effects and curious about the world of field recordings. As well as making artistic, experimental music videos.


Patris Židelevičius


Patris works in the contexts of performative, sound, conceptual and visual art. He creates installations, experimental, electro-acoustic music, sound art, collects field-recordings, makes real-time compositions, soundtracks, conceptual sound structures for movement.

Patris combines cello melodies, analogue synthesizer passages, digital sounds, and field-recordings into music that has features of ambient, drone, musique concrète, instrumental improvisation, experimental and other contemporary music styles.


Matas Jančauskas

Sound Effects

Matas Jančauskas. Sound engineer, lecturer, musician. Studied Music Technologies at Kaunas University of Technology. Lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of arts. Working as live and broadcast sound engineer, sound system designer, recording engineer and sound designer. Music enthusiast. Born, raised and living in Kaunas.

Screenshot 2021-05-17 160054.png

Žilvinas Rinkšelis


Coordinator of the Modernism for the Future programme of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 and co-creator and administrator of website He is a historian, heritage specialist and leader of voluntary social initiative of city exploration Ekskursas. His main fields of interest are the history of Kaunas and its architectural legacy.

Screenshot 2021-05-17 160038.png

Viltė Migonytė Petrulienė


Architectural historian Dr. Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė is curator of regional partnership as well as programme Modernism for the future of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022. She defended dissertation Lithuanian Resort Architecture Between WWI and WWII (1918–1940) as a Phenomenon of Modernizing Society. Currently is involved as a curator and co-curator in different local and European projects related to riverside and cultural tourism such as the “STAR Cities” Interreg Europe project.


Emilė Kertinauskaitė

Make-up / costumes

Emilė was born an artist, just like her mother. Since her childhood she was interested in drawing and cosplaying. At first it was just a simple hobby, but Kaunas 2022 gave her a chance to test her make up and costume making skills in the production of the film. Emilė has spend her summers in Kaunas, so she is very happy to be a part of European Capital of Culture program.


Story writers

creative writing workshop with Sandra Bernotaite:


Sandra Bernotaitė

Ineta Šuopytė

Kipras Marcalis

Marius Stašauskas

Rasa Petronienė

Roberta Šukauskaitė

Indrė Aleksandravičiūtė

Jolita Večkienė

Neringa Daniulaitienė

Dalia Narkevičiūtė

Audrė Gruodytė

Tomas Gudžiūnas

Makers of stop motion animation:

participats of creative workshops at MTKC:

Simona Jakaitė

Laura Petraitytė

Deimantė Sidaraitė

Vincas Skripka

Monika Lekeckaitė

Gintarė Kalvinskaitė

Evita Ramanauskaitė

Saulė Petrauskaitė

Mindaugas Šalučka


Arnas Margelis

Modestas Dambrauskas

Karolis Strašinskas

Saulė Konsevičiūtė

Lukrecija Davydovaitė

Eglė Davydovaitė

Dalia Narkevičiūtė

Saulė Matiukaitė

Domantas Terleckis

Saulė Šukaitytė

Gertrūda Zigelytė

Kamilė Salmanavičiūtė

Simona Šidlauskaitė

Erika Matulionytė

Kristijanas Gropas

Smiltė Satkūnaitė

Jogilė Konsevičiūtė

Julija Abrasonytė

Armantė Narbutaitė

Adrija Liachavičiūtė

Gabrielė Balaševičiūtė

Kristijonas Genys

Liutauras Ūsas

Luknė Gudaitė

Monika Lekeckaitė

Viltė Šilkaitytė

Laimis Šilkaitis

Ieva Raitelaitytė

Liudmila Kazlauskienė

Gerda Jarukaitė

Darisa Ignatjeva

Beatričė Stanaitytė

Aušra Lavickienė

Antanas Raitelaitis

Goda Birgiolaitė

Austėja Ūdraitė

Urtė Urmanavičiūtė

Skaistė Gražulevičiūtė

Žemyna Paines

Gerda Jarukaitė

Ema Narkūnaitė

Kipras Steponavičius

Vėtris Butkus

Austėja Koncevičiūtė

Viktorija Liaškinaitė

Simonas Butkus

Emilė Ivanauskaitė

Povilas Mikalauskas

Auksė Armoškaitė

Gintarė Kraulytė


Ieva Raubytė

Participants of creative workshop at LITUANICON

Brigita Gaitanži

Kostas Gaitanži

Elbė Gaitanži

Justinas Stonkus

Justė Latauskienė

Motiejus Lazauskas

Jokūbas Misiūnas ir kiti

Makers and bakers of modernist cakes

Workshop at KMPPMC:

Rasa Virginija Venterienė

Giedrė Polikevičienė

Irena Žiužnienė

Kristina Krikštolaitienė

Janina Narbutienė

Gabrielė Juraitytė

Erika Žukaitė

Emilija Kazakevičiūtė

Karigailė Klimaitė

Lina Danilevičiūtė

Sigita Kontrimienė

Agnė Lukošiūnaitė

Monika Gudavičiūtė

Gabrielė Grabauskaitė

Elizabet Matz

Erika Bagdonienė

Evelina Masedonskaitė

Laimutė Ona Račaitė

Milda Sadauskaitė

Rugilė Petronytė


Marius Vizbaras (photo, management)

Rimvydas Ardickas (photo, video)

Modernist interior props makers

Creative workshops at MTKC:

Viltė Adomaitytė

Vida Slivka

Žemyna Paines

Darija Ignacijavija

Nerijus Babrauskas

Patrikas Šabasevičius

Brigita Karaliūtė

Emilė Masytė

Gintarė Anužė

Nikita Panov

Emilė Medzevičiūtė

Ugnė Žukauskaitė


 Creative workshops with pre-schoolers:

Andrėja Dulaitytė

Justė Irtmonaitė

Matas Jurkevičius

Adrijus Jurgelėnas

Gabrielius Jasiukevičius

Gabrielius Pileičikas

Kristupas Rojus Ramanauskas

Jonas Spūdys

Adas Beniulis

Joris Petrolis

Perla Andriukaitytė

Emilis Juška

Palina Laurynaitytė

Liepa Lukoševičiūtė

Austėja Makauskaitė

Matas Miliauskas

Deimantė Paltanavičiūtė

Milana Pažėraitė

Auksė Smolskaitė

Vainius Staugaitis

Deina Tautkutė

Mėja Tylaitė

Meida Valaitytė

Karolis Vilimaitis

Tadas Vilimaitis.


Set Crew

Sugihara house

Actress (Sugihara): Natsuho Matsumoto

Makeup: Emilė Kertinauskaitė

Set assistants:  Laura Banisevičiūtė,

Jūratė Jastromskaitė, Gabrielė Oržekauskaitė

Cake scene:

Actor (Matre’d): Justinas Stonkus

Camera assistant: Rimvydas Ardickas

Thanks: Marius Vizbaras


Galaunės house

Actress (Galaunienė): Julija Mintautė

Actress (Maid): Eglė Valadkevičiūtė,  

Set assistants: Kristina Gudzinskaitė,

Julija Tuleikytė

Žilvinas Rinkšelis

Production assistant: Justina Bogužaitė

Backstage photo: Martynas Plepys

Thanks for props: Indrė Aleksandravičiūtė,

Aistė Ptašinskaitė,

Kauno Nacionalinis Dramos Teatras

Make up: Emilė Kertinauskaitė

Bank / restaurant scene

Actor (Matre’d): Justinas Stonkus

Actor (Doorman): Žilvinas Rinkšelis

Actress (Restaurant guest): Ugnė Marija Andrijauskaitė

Restaurant guests: Indrė Aleksandravičiūtė

Marius Stašauskas

Nojus Gipas

Austėja Balutytė,

Justina Bogužaitė

Emilė Kertinauskaitė

Thanks for props: Bernelių užeiga,

Kauno Nacionalinis Dramos Teatras,

Food: Wolt

Backstage photo: Martynas Plepys

Water station scene


Actress (Little Girl): Ema Kazulytė 

Actress (Kaunas Beast): Raminta Milašiūtė 

Actress (Kaunas Princess): Rugilė Aukštakalnytė 

Assistants: Modesta Krugždaitė, Danielius Kalasauskas 

Beast costume: Rasa Dautartaitė, Emilė Kertinauskaitė 

Thanks for props: Aistė Ptašinskaitė

Food: Wolt


Devil in the bank

Actor (Devil): Marius Pinigis 

Make up: Emilė Kertinauskaitė 

Costume: Emilė Kertinauskaitė, Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė


Hell scene

Actor (Devil): Marius Pinigis 

Actor (Devil): Arūnas Mozūraitis 

Actor (Devil): Adrian Carlo Bibiano 

Make up: Emilė Kertinauskaitė 

Costumes: Emilė Kertinauskaitė, Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė

Assistance: Emilija Filipenkovaitė 

Thanks for props: Vida Bliumkienė

Food: Wolt


Painter A. Žmuidzinavičius scene

Actor (A. Žmuidzinavičius): Edgaras Žemaitis 

Actor (queen guest): Tomas Alenčikas aka Alen Chicco 

Actress (Veronika Šleivytė): Emilija Filipenkovaitė 

Assistant: Danielius Kalasauskas 

Costumes: Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė, Emilė Kertinauskaitė

Thanks for props: Kaunas City Chamber Theatre,

Kaunas National Drama Theatre


Anatomy museum

Actress (A body with no body): Clara Giambino 

Extras (tour people): Aistė Radzevičė 

Aušra Banaitė, Eglė Pietarytė 

Remigija Lumbytė, Gabrielė Litvinskaitė 

Brigita Kazlauskaitė, Giedrius Banaitis 

Assistant: Danielius Kalasauskas 

Costumes: Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė

Thanks for props: Eglė Kazulienė, LSMU

Props: Margarita Kalinka


Church basketball scene

Actor (basketball player): Mindaugas Šatkus

Actor (basketball player): Matas Toliušis

Actress (church lady): Rūta Krasnickaitė 

Costumes: Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė

Thanks: Žydrūnas Pavinkšnis of Evangelic Reformed community

Thanks for props: Gediminas Banaitis - Skrandis


Holocaust scene

 Actors (family): Aušra Banaitė, 

Giedrius Banaitis, Liepa Banaitė, 

Lina Banaitė, Eglė Pietarytė, 

Joris Šalvaitis, Mykolas Šalvaitis  

Gaudenis Šatkus   

Actors (solders): Renata Zambrickaitė 

Justinas Tamošaitis, Ričardas Chomskis

Thanks: Vida Bliumkienė and P.A.R.A.K.A.S,

Laurynas Mikšys and Aistė Ptašinskaitė for the props

Costumes: Emilė Kertinauskaitė


Chemistry lab

Actress (lab technician): Ema Senkuvienė 

Thanks for props: Kaunas Unviersity of Technology


Lady at the window

Actress: Algė Dereškevičiūtė 

Wooden doors and windows

Thanks: Povilas Konkulevičius


Artist's studio

Thanks: Blank Page Studio 

Thanks for props: Aistė Ptašinskaitė,

Sandra Karnilavičiūtė


Modernist kites

Designer: Vaida Dosinienė 

Kite maker: Giedrė Aleksandravičiūtė 

Kite flyers: Jurga-Jomantė Varškevičiūtė, Vincas-Goštautas Varškevičius 

Assistance: Modesta Krugždaitė, Danielius Kalasauskas


Funicular scene

Actor (George Mačiūnas): Deividas Breivė

Acress (Pandemic ghost): Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė 

Actress (Funicular monster): Maja Kriaučiūnaitė 

Extras (Funicular passengers): Miglė Kriuglaitė,

Rasa Jarašiūnaitė, Vykintas Gervė,

Teklė Baroti, Jūratė Kelpšaitė 

Costumes: Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė


Fire station

Actor (Firefighter): Marius Eidrigevičius 

Actor (Firefighter): Hubert Fabien Lagin 


Petras Rimša Scene

Actress (Petras Rimša): Akvilė Koženiauskaitė 

Costume: Emilė Kertinauskaitė, Paulina Ružauskaitė

Post office

Actress (Ghost): Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė

Costume: Emilė Kertinauskaitė, Solveiga Vasiliauskaitė

Thanks for props: Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė,

Gediminas Banaitis - Skrandis


Bank scene

Extras (musicians): Viltė Šilkaitytė, 

Laimis Šilkaitis, Monika Pociūtė,

Indrė Litvinienė, Marija Čirkova,

Ieva Raubytė 

Design: Rolands Zilvinskis

Web: Aideen Barry, Monika Lekeckaitė

Production: Kaunas 2022 / Modernism for the Future

Project supervisor: Viltė Migonytė-Petrulienė

Interns (line production assistance): Justina Bogužaitė,

Modesta Krugždaitė, Danielius Kalasauskas.

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