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A Film Created by Citizens


is a socially engaged film project created in collaboration with artists, composers, performers, actors, musicians and volunteers made up of the citizens of the city of Kaunas.

The engagement of over five hundred children and young people in workshops in Short story writing, film directing, optical illusion workshops, Stop-motion Animation workshops,  introductions into Green Screen Technology & Prop Creation has also been intentional. This project set about fostering enthusiasm for this architectural and visual cultural heritage of this city. These groups of future artists have directed and made their own animated shorts adding further elements to the film project and an army of volunteers are currently engaged in large aspects of its production from workshop supervision, extra roles, artistic production, makeup and special effects.


The majority of Cast, Crew and Production of this film is made of people who live in this City. It is a deliberate intervention on behalf of Kaunas 2022 and the Artist & Director Aideen Barry to empower the creatives of this Contemporary Kaunas in the authorship of the film. The film  features dancers and actors from the acclaimed International Dance Troupe AURA as protagonists in the Roles of forgotten “Others” of Kaunas.

Justina Bogužaitė

Intern at Kaunas 2022

Working with Aideen for a film is a beautiful and exciting adventure, which is as wonderful as her other works. This film project will be a real creative explosion!

Jūratė Jastromskaitė

Kaunas 2022 volunteer

Being a part of this film was one of the best experiences last year! I have never seen how a film is made before. What I enjoyed the most, was that the director explained to us, who watched the process, what was being done and why. To make 1 second of film, you need to take 25 separate pictures, that is amazing! After finishing my volunteering tasks I could have gone home, but I stayed longer, because I was having such a great time, and the director was such a simple, kind and hard-working person.

Simona Jakaitė

Kaunas 2022 volunteer

 During the creation process I saw how Kaunas grew in the hands and eyes of the children. At the same time, the project added to their own personal growth.

Our partners


Kauno evangelikų reformatų parapija

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Thomas Dammann Junior Memorial Trust

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